Figures of Mountain Quails, Ophrysia superciliosa
loaded on the internet: August 1999
Fig 1: The only stuffed specimen (#1850) at the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie RVNH, Leiden, Nederlands (Photos curtesy to G. Mees).
Label on the Leiden specimen (Photo curtesy to G. Mees) Label (1) on the Leiden specimen
Second label on the Leiden specimen (Photo curtesy to G. Mees) 2nd label on the Leiden specimen
Specimens at the BM(NH) (Photo by Rieger) Specimen at the BM(NH)
Specimen at the BM(NH) (2)
specimen at the BM(NH) (3)
Fig. 2: Label at Nainital until now: not scanned (interested?)
Fig 3: Published in Gray (1846) and Fuller (1987). Lithograph: J. W. Moore. Based on specimens #1836a and #1836b. Hand colored.
Fig. 4: Published in Gould (1883) and Robbins (1981). Artist: John Gould. Based on specimens #1836a and #1836b. Hand colored.
Fig. 5: First published in Hume & Marshall (1879-1881). Artist: W. Foster (before 1879). Hand colored. ex Hume & Marschall 1879
Fig. 6: Published in Ripley (1952) and Ali(1977). Artist: A. Seidel. Colored print. ex ALI (1977)
Fig. 7: First published by Johnsgard (1988). Artist: Major Henry Jones around 1900. Hand colored ex Johnsguard (1988)
Fig. 8: Drawing in an exhibit in the Natural History Museum, New Delhi ex Nat Hist Mus Delhi
Fig. 9: First published in Greenway (1958). Artist: D. M. Henry. Black & white drawing.. ex Greenway 1958
Fig. 10: Artist: Ranjit Talwar, in 1994 (not published)
Fig. 12: Comparison of head-body-, tail- and wing-sizes of Mountain Quail, Grey Partridge and Common Quail. Mountain Quails sizes compared with ...
Fig. 13: Model of Lesser Himalayas, showing three parallel ridges, the relatively elevated positions of Mussoorie (M) and Nainital (N) and possible connections of the two known Mountain Quail areas (black lines). where to look for Mountain Quails nowadays?
Fig. 14: Model of escape behaviour in different habitats. model of escape behaviour
Fig. 15: Logo on letters form Hari Dang. Logo on a letter
an here another logo...
Fig. 16: Another logo on letters from Hari Dang. another logo on a letter
Fig. 17: Artist: Jeanne Peter (in 1989), used as logo for the "friend of the Mountain Quail", a group of people supporting our project in 1989.
Fig. 18: SLIDE - MAN MADE TERRASSES -  Possible (former?) Mountain Quail range along the road from Kotdwara to Dugadda, altitude above 1500 m (Lesser Himalaya). until now: not scanned (interested?)
Fig. 19: Cloud End (close to Badraj) & Banog / northwest of A3 - On the way from Mussoorie westward. View to Banog and Badraj (place where Mackinnon shot his Mountain Quails #1865a and #1865c)

Fig. 20: Sherkadanda / GH6 - Foot path along westward slope of Sherkadana leading up to Sherkadanda top until now: not scanned (interested?)
Fig. 21: Color drawings published along with our paper in the WWFI Quarterly Newsletter (Rieger & Walzthöny 1991; drawing by Jeanne Peter based on slides from the BM(NH) specimens).